Popular Archeology: Taxman, 1966

Popular Archeology: Taxman, 1966 is a new work of mine for ensemble (sop, vn, e-guit, e-bass, kit, pf) and cassette recorders. As one of the Popular Archeology series, it exhumes and examines a relic from the analogue age. No prizes for the correct guess as to the corpse in question, but suffice to say that it is so dissected as to be only one level above particulate matter – the simplest way around the legal complications of copyright.

The piece was commissioned for the Lunapark Ensemble (all in Dutch, sorry) for their “Revolver – Lunapark speelt (met) The Beatles” concert, premiering 11 May. The concert features six Sony TCM 939 cassette players, keeping the performers busy with an additional layer of activity – start, stop, eject, new cassette, start, stop…

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