Metamorphism (2018), with Grayson Cooke. Dual-screen film. Premiered in the Aotearoa Audio Arts Festival, 29 Sept 2018. Second performance De Montfort University Music, Technology & Innovation 2018-19 concert series, 24 Oct 2018. Featured in the Mineral Motifs issue of Labocine (Dec 2018).

A Single Hurt Colour (2017). Guitar and live electronics. Commissioned and premiered by Matthew Marshall. Marama Hall, Dunedin (NZ), 24 Nov 2017.

2 of 4 bodies (2016). Bass-baritone and live electronics. Commissioned and premiered by Nicholas Isherwood.

Anthroposcenes (1, 2) (2016). Counter-tenor and audio. Commissioned by IEM and premiered by Kai Wessel, Signale 1100, 18 March 2016, Graz (Austria).

Let X = (2014-), 15:05. Icosahedral loudspeaker and ambisonic audio. Commissioned by IEM and composed while 2014 IEM Artist-in-Residence.

Fossil Poetry (2014), 8:00. Solo cello. Commissioned by Katharina Gross who premiered the piece as part of her Cellomondo project.

End of the Road (2012), 11:15. Soundtrack to the film by London Fieldworks for Mobile Republic: Digital Caravans, a touring exhibit by AND. Documentation: Video.

Popular Archeology: Shellac (Op.37) (2012), 2:10. Bass clarinet and monophonic audio (bell mounted loudspeaker). Premiered by Marij van Gorkom in her Sonic Spaces series, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, Netherlands, 13 April 2012.

Nowdrifts (2012), 14:20. Bass clarinet and multichannel audio. Premiered by Richard Haynes, Kings Place, London, 26 March 2012. Second performances by Haynes in Stroma’s Body/Drift concert, Page Blackie Gallery, Wellington (NZ), 19-20 May 2012.

Arcades (with David Prior), Who’s Most Lost? (2011), 50:40. Album released by Rattle Records (RAT-DO26).

Popular Archeology: Taxman, 1966 (2011). Soprano, violin, e-guitar, e-bass, kit, piano, and cassettes. Commissioned and premiered by Lunapark, 11 May 2011, Tilburg (NL).

Monarchy (2009-10), 21:00. Soundtrack to the film by London Fieldworks as part of the Superkingdom project. Honourable Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica, Hybrid Arts Category (2010).

Diktat, Ditty, Half-Life (2009-), 6:00-. Commissioned by the piano duo Pestova/Meyer (CAN/LUX). Premiere: Luxembourg, Oct 2010.

Blue Kisses Green (1999/2009), 11:30. Orchestra and multi-channel audio. Premiere: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra/Hamish McKeich, Wellington, May 2009

Untitled (Counterfeit Readymade #1) (2008), 7:00. Version for bass clarinet and marimba. Premiere: Richard Haynes (bcl) and Arnold Marinissen (mba), Wellington, Sept 2008.

Spacebaby (2008), 20:00, soundtrack for the film of the same name. Created in collaboration with London Fieldworks, as part of the Spacebaby project, Premiered at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, July 2008

Multi-channel sound design for The Wall (2008-), an interactive multimedia installation created by Gibson Group for Te Papa, Wellington, NZ

Strane e sconosciute vie (2007). Acousmatic, 3:55. Recording: Orpheus 400 [DEGEM, CD].

Prince of the Petrified Forest (2007), 30:00, soundtrack. Created in collaboration with London Fieldworks, as part of the Hibernator installation, Beaconsfield Gallery, Vauxhall, London, Mar-Apr 2007

Sang love songs (2006), 7:00, voice/percussion. Premiere: Arnold Marinissen (voice/perc), Asia Pacific Arts Festival, Wellington, Feb 2007

Hoax Rifts (2006), 6:00, junk percussion and string quartet. Premiere: Arnold Marinissen (perc) and the Zapp String Quartet, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Oct 2006. Recording: Lunapark (2013). A Beautiful Bed To Lie Down In. Recordings Eidhoven, MRECD01 [CD].

Exit Wound (2006), 10:00, chamber choir. Premiere: tba

Catalogue with Analogues (2005), 11:30, stereo audio. Recording: 4th Generation: Lilburn Electroacoustic Music Studios [CD].

Untitled (Counterfeit Readymade #1) (2005), 7:00. Baritone saxophone and marimba. Based on improvisations by Jeff Henderson (sax). Premiere: Lars Mlekusch (sax) and Arnold Marinissen (mba), Wellington, July 2005

“Christ lag in Todesbanden” – mise en scène (2003), 10:00. Chamber ensemble and stereo audio. Premiere: Stroma/Hamish McKeich, Wellington (NZ), Sept 2003

[o] (2001), 17:50, stereo audio. Premiere: Birmingham (UK), June 2001.

Numena (2000), 11:00, harp and stereo audio. Premiere: Catriona McKay, Manchester (UK), Aug 2000

Untitled – performance installation version (2000), 25:00, stereo audio. Music for solo dance, choreographed by Heather Rutland (UK). Premiere: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Aug 2000

Untitled (2000), 14:00, 8-channel audio. Music for solo dance, choreographed by Heather Rutland (UK). Premiere: Birmingham (UK), Feb 2000

Blue Kisses Green (1999), 11:00, orchestra and multi-channel audio. Premiere: Victoria University Orchestra/Peter Walls, Wellington (NZ), Aug 1999

Ways of Hearing (1998), 30:00, stereo audio. Created in collaboration with David Prior, with contributions from Ian Chuprun and Antti Saario. Premiere: Resonance FM (London), July 1998

Gastarbyter (1998), I. 8:26 and II. 8:28, 4-channel audio. Soundtracks for an installation created in collaboration with London Fieldworks, commissioned by the ICA (London). Premiere: ICA (London), May 1998. Toured in April 2002 to the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow, and in November 2002 to the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Arts (NGCA)

Horizont im Ohr (1998), 10:00, stereo audio. Premiere: Berlin, 1998. Recording: New Zealand Sonic Art 2000 [CD]

Ouïr (1996), 19:00, narrator, ensemble and stereo audio. A music-theatre piece based on Freud’s literary case study of Judge Daniel Paul Schreiber’s Memoirs of My Nervous Illness. Premiere: Epífoni/John Croft, Wellington, Aug 2006

Homage to the Night Sky’s Debris (1995, rev.2005), solo baritone saxophone. Premiere: Rachel McLarin, Wellington (NZ), May 1996. Recording: Waiteata Collection of New Zealand Music – Chamber Music II [CD]. Publication: Waiteata Press Music(2006)

Architrave (1993) 5:00, solo piano. Publication: Piano Album (Wellington: Waiteata Press Music, 1995)

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