This Storm Is Called Progress (2016), with Grayson Cooke. Dual-screen audio-visual installation. Premiered at Parer Place Urban Screens, Creative Industries Precinct, Queensland University of Technology, April 4-17 2016. Second showing Seeing Sound symposium, Bath Spa University (UK), April 9-10 2016. Third showing South Australian Museum 10 June – 31 July 2016, where the work was selected as a finalist for the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize.

Lost Oscillations (2015), with Jim Murphy and Mo H. Zareei. Sound installation: haptic interface, archival and field recordings from Christchurch (NZ), 8-channel audio. Commissioned by the 2015 Audacious Festival of Sonic Arts, Christchurch.

Cadence (2012). Installation: recombinant audio, metronome, tuning fork. Adam Art Gallery, Jan 24-April 15 2012.

Te Kore: Street of Breaths (2011, with Sophie Jerram). Installation: recordings of 3 kinds of breathing, each located in a different site in Istanbul. Part of Uncontainable: Second Nature, curated by Ian Clothier for ISEA 2011, Instanbul, 14 Sept-7 Oct, 2011. Breathing sounds artfully generated by Melissa Billington.

Popular Archeology: Cassette, 1967-1994 (18 Apr-9 May 2010). Installation: cassette players, cassette tape-loops, fluorescent lights, shelving, disused retail space. Commissioned by Letting Space, funded by Wellington Public Arts & Creative NZ.
Documentation: VideoAudio.

Geophony (2008), multichannel sound installation, based on sonification of realtime data streams from seismic sensors across NZ. Commissioned by the Adam Art Gallery, as part of the Soundcheck sound art series, Wellington, March 2008

Little Earth (2005), 30:00, 8-channel soundtrack for Little Earth, an installation by London Fieldworks. Premiere: Wapping Hydraulic Power Station (London), Jan 2005.

Gastarbyter (1998), I. 8:26 and II. 8:28, 4-channel audio. Soundtracks for an installation created in collaboration with London Fieldworks, commissioned by the ICA (London). Premiere: ICA (London), May 1998. Toured in April 2002 to the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow, and in November 2002 to the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Arts (NGCA)